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Benefits of Home Heating Oil


Heating oil burns at a higher temperature than natural gas. This means your heating system is more powerful and more efficient than some of the top alternatives, such as natural gas and electricity. A single gallon of oil has an energy content 125,000 BTU. This is substantially higher than natural gas, which has an energy content of 20,160 BTUs per pound, or propane with 84,250 BTUs per gallon. That means you’ll notice cost savings on your energy bill. In fact, switching to heating oil tanks can save you up to 30% on your energy bill every year.


Heating oil  does not burn in a liquid state, it must be heated to its vaporization point before it  can burn, meaning it must be heated to a temperature above 140 degrees. Heating oil also contains no cancer-causing agents, meaning it is safe to store within your home. Additionally, leaks in the heating system are more visible than in natural gas systems which release carbon monoxide. Oil heating systems release smoke and other colored gasses if a malfunction occurs. Heating oil systems are also less reliant on other infrastructure such as electricity, ensuring the comfort and safety of your family and home.


New home heating oil tanks are corrosion-resistant tanks. With major technological improvements in design and materials, today’s home oil tanks are also strong, durable, and unlikely to leak. Above-ground tanks are typically made with double-walled plastic and steel. You can expect more than 25 years out of your tank with the right maintenance schedule. 


Oil burners are one of the cleanest combustion sources. New oil burners boast near-zero emissions of smoke or combustible discharge.

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